Our Prices

We also offer a number of themed packages, which offer some great savings.

Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions Consultation £50 / hr

A one hour 1:1 discussion and planning session to discuss your goals, your past experience and identify what you need to do in all aspects of your preparation to ensure that you achieve your aims and ambitions. This is a great way to identify the correct and most cost effective services for your needs, and helps us come on your journey with you. Book a consultation if you want advice and guidance on a whole range of cycling and performance-related topics, such as training and event planning, or training with power. We can choose the most appropriate experts from our network to help find solutions!


Aerotest £695

This is for someone who has not had an aerotest with us before. We discuss the testing with you over the phone in advance of the testing to make sure that we are as time efficient as possible on the day.  The testing consists of an initial assessment on a turbo trainer, 2 hours of exclusive track time to identify position options to reduce drag, with a full debrief afterwards. A report is provided afterwards to ensure that key information is not forgotten. 

Two-Rider Aerotest £1100

This follows the same process as per a single-rider Aerotest, except that it consists of 3 hours of exclusive track time split between 2 people. This session make effective use of the track time, in that one rider is on the track testing while the other is evaluating results and making changes to equipment or position prior to carrying out another test run. In order to book a two-rider Aerotest, you must find a fellow cyclist and make one booking and payment. The lead rider is therefore responsible for paying for both cyclists.

Repeat Aerotest £365 

For returning customers it is possible to book a one-hour Aerotesting session, which is a great option for fine tuning positions or measuring differences between skinsuits, helmets and wheels for specific situations or up-coming events. This session consists of 1 hour of exclusive track time, a debrief and report.

Note that we can test road bikes and track bikes.


Road or TT Bike Position £195

Our process includes an initial functional assessment, and evaluation of your existing position and various adjustments to your shoes, cleats, saddle and bike based upon your individual needs. These sessions can take between 2 and 3 hours. Included within the price is a free position review within 6 months. 

Cleat and Shoe fitting £70

If you need a new set of shoes and pedals setting up, or are about to use clips pedals for the first time, it's essential to get them set up correctly to avoid knee injuries in particular and ensure that your legs will be working biomechanically correctly. This session takes approximately 45 minutes.

Position Review £80

This is for customers that have previously have a bike fit with us. The body constantly changes as we age, detrain, and adapt to new positions so it is important to keep reviewing and adjust your position to align with these changes. This is also for customers that have purchased new bike since the last bike fit and need to ensure that it is set up as before.

Position Problem Solving £80 / hr

Often we can develop pain or seem to lose power without understanding why, as nothing seems to have changed on the bike. We look at your function off the bike, and your position and function on the bike to understand what is causing your problems. We then will work through a process to address them to get you back to your former comfort and performance.

Pedaling Technique Analysis

Initial Assessment and Training £80

This session evaluates your peddling technique using both the analysis of video and  pedaling forces using a Wattbike while you pedal at a range of different intensities and cadences. We set up the Wattbike to exactly match your bike, and once we have completed a thorough analysis, we will use a number of drills and exercises to improve your peddling efficiency and effectiveness, and  help you pedal with a smooth peddling technique that will glide you up those hills! 

Additional Technique Training £90 for 3 x 30 minute sessions

Once we have identified how your pedaling needs to improve to enhance your performance, you can book a series of three 1:1 sessions to work on your technique on an individual basis to make sure that the changes you make to your technique become embedded into your normal movement pattern while on the road.

Performance Nutrition

Nutrition Solutions Consultation £50/hr

This is a consultation to discuss your current nutrition practices and to identify how nutrition can support and enhance your training, or troubleshoot your nutrition challenges.  It will provide suggestions on the most effective nutrition strategies related to your individual training/competition goals and personal circumstances.  If further support is required a bespoke support package can be created to help you achieve your goals.  This is a great touching point if you are not sure what your nutritional needs or priorities are. This is a one hour 1:1 consultation. 

Training Nutrition Optimisation £145

This service evaluates your current dietary intake related to your training load.  It can also include a body composition (if required), and identifies how you need to change your diet to support your needs. It includes an online nutrition questionnaire in advance, and a bespoke feedback report to enable you to make the changes required.  Follow up appointments will be determined depending on your needs (see below).  This is a one hour 1:1 consultation.

Training Nutrition Optimisation and Individualised Meal Planning £250

This complete package provides an in-depth look at your current dietary intakes in combination with your training and then provides detailed individualised dietary meal plans and recipes to help you achieve your goals through improved recovery, increased adaptation and body composition changes.  It includes an on-line nutrition questionnaire in advance, body composition assessments (if required) and provision of a detailed individualised weekly meal plan that supports your training sessions or races. It also includes a follow up appointment to assess progress and fine tune your plan as necessary. This is a great option for those people that need more help designing meals to suit their specific needs.

Follow up appointment £50/hour

A follow up 1:1 consultation to discuss changes and provide further direction and support to enable you to continue to develop your nutrition strategies.

Race Day / Sportive strategies £90

Bespoke race day nutrition plans to meet your fuelling and hydration requirements.  A 1:1 consultation for one hour including a written race nutrition plan.

Nutrition Check Up £50

It is an opportunity to discuss any nutrition challenges and aims to refresh your daily nutrition by providing new meal ideas, time saving tips and quick recovery options to fit into your busy schedule. This is a one hour 1:1 consultation.

Performance Tests

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test £75

We take you through a standardised warm up and protocol on our regularly calibrated Wattbike to ensure accuracy and repeatability. We use our expertise and knowledge to explain what the results mean in the context of your goals, and identify both heart rate and power-based training zones. 

Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) £85

We carry out a standardised ramp test to identify the highest power output that you can sustain aerobically. We also take blood lactate samples adoring the initial recovery from your effort to measure peak blood lactate and evaluate your anaerobic system contribution. 

Lactate profile £125

You carryout perform a number of intervals at increasing  power outputs, while a small capillary blood sample is taken to measure lactate. We record your 'lactate profile' to evacuate and monitor your responses to aerobic endurance training and to accurately identify heart rate and power-based training zones.

Lactate profile and Maximal Aerobic Power £185

This is a single visit to measure both aspects if your physiological abilities, and is the ideal option for tracking and monitoring changes in response to training. By testing both together it is a saving of £25.

Critical Power profile £120

Understanding how your body responds to mixed training of both high intensity sprints and lower intensity endurance work is essential for the serious road racer or time trialler in particular. The Critical Power profile consists of 4 maximal effort tests including peak power, conducted in 2 separate visits during the space of a few days, and allows us to evaluate current physiological abilities, identify what needs to improve to perform well at your key events, and how you respond to training over time.

Peak Power £60

After a thorough warm up we carry out a series of 6 second tests to measure Peak Power output. As well as measuring peak power we record fatigue and pedaling technique during the effort. Measuring and monitoring this accurately is essential for anyone involved in high intensity efforts such as sprint finishes. 


Note that all high intensity physical tests will be preceded by a physical screening test to ensure that you are in the correct health status to undertake the tests. In advance of your visit you will receive a form to complete with some pre-visit questions on your health and medical history.