Performance Testing

Understanding an individuals' strength's and weaknesses and tracking changes in performance in response to training is essential when working towards physical challenges and goals. Whatever level of athlete, it’s important to know whether you are on track and whether your training is actually improving your physical abilities. As well as enabling a comparison against the needs of your goals, tests can also be used to identify training zones to increase the effectiveness of training, and to identify areas of physical ability that need to be prioritised. 

We have vast experience in providing a wide range of basic to advanced lab and field tests, so we can determine the most appropriate ones to use for your requirements. These may be maximal, submaximal, and involve measures of power and blood lactate. We can make one off assessments to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses to drive a specific training programme, or regular assessments to monitor your training progressions. We also use tests to establish training zones based on power or heart rate to help guide your training to be more effective and time efficient.

If you need some assistance in determining which tests are most appropriate for your needs please get in touch.


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test

We take you through a standardised warm up and protocol on our regularly calibrated Wattbike to ensure accuracy and repeatability. We use our expertise and knowledge to explain what the results mean in the context of your goals, and identify both heart rate and power-based training zones. 

Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP)

We carry out a standardised ramp test to identify the highest power output that you can sustain aerobically. We also take blood lactate samples adoring the initial recovery from your effort to measure peak blood lactate and evaluate your anaerobic system contribution. 

Lactate profile

You carryout perform a number of intervals at increasing  power outputs, while a small capillary blood sample is taken to measure lactate. We record your 'lactate profile' to evacuate and monitor your responses to aerobic endurance training and to accurately identify heart rate and power-based training zones.

Lactate profile and Maximal Aerobic Power

This is a single visit to measure both aspects if your physiological abilities, and is the ideal option for tracking and monitoring changes in response to training. By testing both together it is a saving of £25.

Critical Power profile

Understanding how your body responds to mixed training of both high intensity sprints and lower intensity endurance work is essential for the serious road racer or time trialler in particular. The Critical Power profile consists of 4 maximal effort tests including peak power, conducted in 2 separate visits during the space of a few days, and allows us to evaluate current physiological abilities, identify what needs to improve to perform well at your key events, and how you respond to training over time.

Peak Power

After a thorough warm up we carry out a series of 6 second tests to measure Peak Power output. As well as measuring peak power we record fatigue and pedaling technique during the effort. Measuring and monitoring this accurately is essential for anyone involved in high intensity efforts such as sprint finishes.

Note that all high intensity physical tests will be preceded by a physical screening test to ensure that you are in the correct health status to undertake the tests. In advance of your visit you will receive a form to complete with some pre-visit questions on your health and medical history.

For more information please contact us.