Performance Solutions

in many cases athletes and coaches need other expertise to help find solutions to improve performance.

In Olympic or professional teams there may be direct access to a range of sports scientists who can provide another level of advice and guidance. Our ‘Performance Solutions’ services provide just that. Using our expertise across a large number of scientific areas, alongside or experience of working with both amateur athletes and Olympic medallists we can help identify and advise interventions and solutions to improve performance or ensure planning for key results. If we can’t provide the solution directly we can access our large network of specialists to help.

How we can help?

  • Need help and advice to improve your performance, but not sure what to do or where to invest time and effort?

  • Analysis of race performances to understand how future performances can be improved.

  • Performance prediction to identify optimal strategies to improve race performances (TT, Road, Track).

  • Training guidance, advice and programmes.

  • Advice and guidance on using power meters for both training and during events or races.

  • Training or racing somewhere hot or high? We have experience of altitude and hot weather training plans.

How does it work?

Our Performance Solutions service starts with a 1:1 consultation, or ideally with your coach as well if you have one. We will learn more about you, your goals and objectives and understand what you need help with. During the discussion we will identify a number of areas that may be sub-optimal and may be preventing you from achieving your targets or progressing your abilities, along with areas which can be improved using the latest methods and information.  Together we create a plan of the best way to address them, either using some of our existing services, or providing bespoke services for you.