Performance Nutrition

Fuelling for training, competition and, most importantly to drive the body’s adaptive processes, is an essential but often poorly executed aspect of preparation that underpins cycling performance.

We provide a no-nonsense evidence-based approach that cuts through the hype and provides a practical solution. We believe in fuelling using nutritious foods wherever possible, to allow clients to enjoy the benefits of a nutritious and varied diet.  We provide services to help improve recovery and enhance adaptation in day to day training.  Race day/event nutrition is often overlooked and can make or break your performance so we can guide you through the development of an appropriate fuelling and hydration strategy for your specific event and needs.  We have expertise in developing bespoke plans for clients taking part in local Sportives and charity rides through to athletes competing at the Olympic Games.


We offer the following services:

Nutrition Solutions Consultation

This is a consultation to discuss your current nutrition practices and to identify how nutrition can support and enhance your training, or troubleshoot your nutrition challenges.  It will provide suggestions on the most effective nutrition strategies related to your individual training/competition goals and personal circumstances.  If further support is required a bespoke support package can be created to help you achieve your goals.  This is a great touching point if you are not sure what your nutritional needs or priorities are. This is a one hour 1:1 consultation. 

Training Nutrition Optimisation

This service evaluates your current dietary intake related to your training load.  It can also include a body composition (if required), and identifies how you need to change your diet to support your needs. It includes an online nutrition questionnaire in advance, and a bespoke feedback report to enable you to make the changes required.  Follow up appointments will be determined depending on your needs (see below).  This is a one hour 1:1 consultation.

Training Nutrition Optimisation and Individualised Meal Planning

This complete package provides an in-depth look at your current dietary intakes in combination with your training and then provides detailed individualised dietary meal plans and recipes to help you achieve your goals through improved recovery, increased adaptation and body composition changes.  It includes an on-line nutrition questionnaire in advance, body composition assessments (if required) and provision of a detailed individualised weekly meal plan that supports your training sessions or races. It also includes a follow up appointment to assess progress and fine tune your plan as necessary. This is a great option for those people that need more help designing meals to suit their specific needs.

Follow up appointment

A follow up 1:1 consultation to discuss changes and provide further direction and support to enable you to continue to develop your nutrition strategies.

Race Day / Sportive strategies

Bespoke race day nutrition plans to meet your fuelling and hydration requirements.  A 1:1 consultation for one hour including a written race nutrition plan.

Nutrition Check Up

It is an opportunity to discuss any nutrition challenges and aims to refresh your daily nutrition by providing new meal ideas, time saving tips and quick recovery options to fit into your busy schedule. This is a one hour 1:1 consultation.