Aerotesting with NFTO’s Edmund Bradbury

 Edmund Bradbury testing with Veloptima at the Derby Arena.

Edmund Bradbury testing with Veloptima at the Derby Arena.

NFTO’s Directeur Sportive, Tom Barras, wanted to ensure that their key rider, Edmund Bradbury, was as aerodynamic as possible for the upcoming Tour of Britain time trial stage. He contacted Veloptima to see if we could help. During an aerotesting session at Derby Arena in July we found a number of positions and equipment solutions to reduce his drag.

Said Barras of the session,

”Edmund’s time trial ability is well known throughout the peloton but I was keen to introduce him to Barney at Veloptima to explore any aerodynamic improvements we could make. Along with Veloptima’s cutting edge equipment, Derby Velodrome is the perfect testing ground. Despite Edmund using what 'looked like' a very current and aero bike set up, Barney was able to shave around 30 seconds off Edmund’s ten mile time. In such a competitive discipline, these kind of savings are huge and definitely contributed to Edmund’s impressive 17th in the Tour of Britain TT! The service was professional from start to finish, with Barney able to provide (and quantify) feedback instantly. The quality of the process was exceptional and I will not hesitate to use the service again to tweak Edmund’s and other riders’ position and equipment".

Edmund Bradbury was also happy with what he experienced,

"In the past 10 years cycling has developed from a sport to a science, and this is made most clear in the discipline of Time Trialing. There is no rider at the top of this discipline that has not invested significant time and money in aerodynamic optimisation. It is unrealistic to believe anyone can complete at the top level without taking this area of their performance seriously. Working with Barney at the Derby velodrome gave us a great opportunity to test position changes and equipment in a dynamic environment and allowed us to make significant savings over a set up which I have developed already over a number of years - including testing sessions in wind tunnels. The savings made were no doubt vital to a pleasing performance in the ITT stage of the 2016 Tour of Britain, finishing amongst some of the top GC riders in the world and in contact with Pro Tour TT specialists".