We provide cycling Performance Solutions to help individuals perform at their best for key events, challenges and races by the application of our personalised evidence-based scientific services.  We have extensive knowledge and experience of cycling and high performance sport that we use to help individuals achieve their goals and ambitions. From occasional cyclists, to time-poor cyclists with ambitions, or highly trained competitive athletes, all will benefit from our expertise.  Think of us as a ‘one-stop-shop’, where everything you need to improve your performance is under one roof.

Some of our Solutions:

Prepare for an event

Have you got a key event that you are preparing for and want to have your best performance? You may be new to cycling or a seasoned racer, but due to the complexities of performing well at events, it is essential that the key factors that will determine your performance at your particular event are identified and addressed. It may be an even that is longer and more challenging than a previous one, a multi-day event, one where hot weather is expected, or your first ‘sportive’ or Ironman Triathlon.  We would suggest that you start with our Performance Solutions service or 'Performance Solutions package' so that we can identify what you need help with in order to have a successful result.


go faster, for longer

This may be for time trials, road races or general riding and training. There could be a number of reasons that you feel you are not riding at your optimum, and there may be a number of solutions. These might involve the type of training that you are doing and its’ frequency in relation to your physiology and the events that you target, it may be that you’re not set up on your bike to pedal functionally and make the most of your muscles, or whole host of other reasons. We would recommend that you start with our Performance Solutions service or 'Performance Solutions package'.


reduce your aerodynamic drag

Most cyclists understand that as we travel faster the aerodynamic drag increases and starts to have a significant impact upon our ability to increase speed further.  This can be important for road cyclists as well as time trial lists and triathletes. We have extensive knowledge and experience in aerodynamic testing and, depending upon the importance of reducing aerodynamic drag, we can either achieve this through an individualised TT Bikefit, or through specific Aerodynamic Testing at a velodrome.




Most people suffer from discomfort on the bike at some point, and the majority of this can be reduced or removed altogether with the right interventions and solutions. If you suffer from any kind of pain in the neck, back, hips or knees, or on the hands, feet or saddle area, we would recommend that you book in for one of our bikefits that will specifically address your individual needs.


improve your nutritional intake    

Having an optimal nutritional intake during training, races or events and for recovery is essential for maximising your performance in the short-term and long term. If you drop power or bike speed more than 20% during events, or your legs remain heavy for several days after training, or you are just confused about what to eat and drink, we would recommend a Performance Nutrition consultation to review your nutritional practices. It’s surprising how many high level athletes don’t have optimal nutrition and as a result their performance level tends to plateau and they experience inconsistent race results.


Your bike speed is dependent upon how well you translate your power output into speed. On the flat an increased efficiency means you will travel faster for the same effort; in the hills it means that you'll travel uphill with less effort, and even get up hills that you might of struggled on before. There are a number of things we can do to improve your efficiency and pedaling effectiveness. We recommend that you either start with our Bikefitting, Pedaling Technique Analysis or Aerodynamic Testing services or buy our 'Cycling Efficiency package' to help you improve your cycling efficiency.

“The quality of the process was exceptional and I will not hesitate to use the service again to tweak Edmund’s and other riders’ position and equipment”
— Tom Barras, Directeur Sportive, NFTO