Prepare for an Event

The following services are the ones that we have found most useful and beneficial to use when preparing for an event, or even a series of races over the course of a season. It's important to start well in advance and let us guide you through the process of identifying and working on key aspects of your preparation. If these areas are addressed and acted upon, your events are far more likely to be successful and enjoyable.


SteP 1. Performance solutions

Let us help identify your priority area for performing well at key events. This will help us put some solutions in place using our services, confirming with you that what you are doing is already good, or helping you fine tune your preparations.


Step 2. bikefit

To perform well at events, and in some cases complete them, it's essential to be set up on your bike to be comfortable and effective.  Our Bikefitting service will work with you to find a position that allows you to make the most of your muscles to optimise function, and avoid pain and discomfort. 


Step 3. establish fitness and training zones

During our performance testing we will evaluate your current cycling specific fitness, identify the aspects of your fitness that need to be improved in relation to your event, and provide guidance on how to improve them. We'll determine training zones to help you train more effectively and time efficiently to ensure a successful outcome


step 4. performance nutrition

Fuelling your training rides and recovery correctly is essential for maximising your preparation. A large proportion of your performance on the event day itself is determined by your hydration and nutrition strategies, and a common mistake is not getting this quite complicated aspect of your performance right. Use our expertise to leave nothing to chance.