Improve your Cycling Efficiency

The following services will all help in improving cycling effectiveness and efficiency. An optimal functional bike position and good pedaling technique will improve your ability to generate force during the pedal stroke at the most efficient way. Aerodynamic testing will help reduce the drag forces that act to slow you down.  The end result is that you produce more sustainable force as well as travelling faster for the same effort. The steps below are what we have found to be the ideal process, but you choose which ones make  sense for you.


SteP 1. bikefitting

We provide a bikefitting process that is orientated to improving your functional ability, allowing you to have better us of your muscles and as a result producing more power. We use force profiles generated during pedaling to optimise the position, and address asymmetries and alignment of the legs and knees.


Step 2. pedaling technique

After a full assessment of your pedaling technique we'll work with you to generate and practice a movement pattern that allows you to produce increased forces at key parts of the pedal stroke to improve peddling efficiency. We use a Wattbike to provide real-time feedback while you pedal to help make the required changes as quickly as possible. 


Step 3. aerodynamic testing

To maximise speed for any given power output it's essential to minimise the drag forces that act against us while cycling. At lower speeds there are some simple solutions to reduce drag, such as dropping lower while holding the hoods, but at higher speeds where the factors that determine drag become more complex, measurement and individualised solutions are needs to maximise your speed and efficiency.