Aerotest bookings
A single-rider Aerotest can be booked directly through this website by following the links to make a booking.

In order to book a two-rider Aerotest, you must find a fellow cyclist and make one booking and payment. The lead rider is therefore responsible for paying for both cyclists, although if this is not possible please contact us and we can make alternative arrangements.

For returning customers it is possible to book a one-hour Aerotesting session, which is a great option for fine tuning positions or measuring differences between skinsuits, helmets, wheels etc. If you have previously Aerotested with us and would like to take up this option please contact us directly.

Once you have made a booking we will send you a link to an on-line Form that will ask you for some more information about you and the information that you want to get from the Aerotesting. We will normally also follow this up with a phone call discussion, which will help us ensure that the services we provide are targeted exactly to your needs.

Usually bookings must be made at least 3 weeks before the testing date, but shorter time periods are possible.  Please contact us should you require this.

For Aerotests 50% of the total cost is payable upon booking, with the remaining balance payable 7 days before the date of the test. You will receive a prompt via email from us. This is to ensure that we are not exposed for velodrome charges. 

Please see our terms and conditions for information regarding cancellations. 

If you have any questions and want to discuss aspects of the testing before you book, please feel free to get in touch.