Being set up in the correct position on a bike is essential for minimising discomfort and optimising performance. Few cyclists are set up optimally in terms of effective biomechanics or aerodynamics and they would benefit from a Bikefit to address these. Cyclists are often in pain or discomfort that can be for a number of reasons, but typically a high quality Bikefit can address and solve many of these issues. We use force data provided by a Wattbike and video analysis alongside our extensive knowledge and experience of bikefitting to provide evidence-based changes in position to improve function and performance. If you are considering buying a new bike, why not get a Bikefit first to ensure that you buy the correct size bike?


We offer the following bikefitting services:

Road or TT Bike Position

Our process includes an initial functional assessment, and evaluation of your existing position and various adjustments to your shoes, cleats, saddle and bike based upon your individual needs. These sessions can take between 2 and 3 hours. Included within the price is a free position review within 6 months. 

Cleat and Shoe fitting

If you need a new set of shoes and pedals setting up, or are about to use clips pedals for the first time, it's essential to get them set up correctly to avoid knee injuries in particular and ensure that your legs will be working biomechanically correctly. This session takes approximately 45 minutes.

Position Review

This is for customers that have previously have a bike fit with us. The body constantly changes as we age, detrain, and adapt to new positions so it is important to keep reviewing and adjust your position to align with these changes. This is also for customers that have purchased new bike since the last bike fit and need to ensure that it is set up as before.

Position Problem Solving

Often we can develop pain or seem to lose power without understanding why, as nothing seems to have changed on the bike. We look at your function off the bike, and your position and function on the bike to understand what is causing your problems. We then will work through a process to address them to get you back to your former comfort and performance.