What We Do

We provide high quality evidence-based scientific services along with our extensive knowledge and experience of cycling and high performance sport to help individuals achieve their goals and ambitions. From occasional cyclists, to time-poor cyclists with ambitions, or highly trained competitive athletes, all will benefit from our expertise.


Aerodynamics Testing

Aerodynamic optimisation has a huge impact on cycling performance. Our Alphamantis track-based testing system measures real-time drag data, which enables us to immediately quantify changes to position or equipment and their impact on performance.



Being set up in the correct position on a bike is essential for minimising discomfort and optimising the bodys' function and performance. We use an evidence-based approach with pedaling force data and HD video to inform our fitting process.


Performance Testing

Understanding your individual strengths and weaknesses and tracking how you adapt to training is essential when working towards your goals. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to determine the most suitable assessments to support your performance needs.



The relationship between movement and pedal forces allow us to identify where improvements can be made to pedaling technique. Effective pedaling is essential to maximise bike speed.



Fuelling for training, competition and, most importantly to drive the body’s adaptive processes, is an essential but often poorly executed aspect of preparation.



We work with professional and amateur athletes to help identify and advise interventions and solutions to improve either long-term progressions or performance at key events.

The quality of the process was exceptional and I will not hesitate to use the service again to tweak Edmund’s and other rider’s position and equipment
— Tom Barras, Directeur Sportive, NFTO